Friday, September 30

One & one..... not really where you want to be but rocks happen so there we are. Team Middaugh lost a game this morning to Old team mate Janet McGhee nee Brown, well no, actually it was team mate Janet Brown nee McGhee and it is now Janet McGhee who I guess isn't really nee anything anymore except maybe Brown, nee being kind of a stupid word anyway...... ahhh, but I digress.

Janet and her team who(m?), who play out of Uxbridge, won the Shorty last weekend in Brockville, played exceptionally well this morning and won the game. Our gals had lunch and a pep talk and proceeded to hand a defeat to the Stacey Brandwood team from Idunnowhere and therefore they have to play again at 6:30 tonite. I left the Boss, Mrs. Webguy there to cheer while I came home to feed the cat and type this note. Actually, I am not really typing it, you see, Real Men don't type, they Keyboard Interface.

The ice at Weston, which was reported to have a draw time of 16 seconds on Monday is pretty much under control now and back to it's usual excellent. It has a real tendency to fall however with any weight on either handle and requires a delicate touch. Our Sherry found her form this afternoon and played a beautiful game against the Brandwood team.

I will post results of the 6:30 game as soon as I get the word from the Boss.

If It's Friday in late September...

...and Team Middaugh is curling it must be at Weston. Always great curling at this beautiful club and a terrific spot to start staking out your territory amongst Ontario's best womens teams.

Our gals play at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Friday and after that the W's & L's dictate the schedule. You can find the results on the link posted her although it is necessary to download an Excel spreadsheet to do so. I will be at the games and post when I can here on our blog.

Thursday, September 29

Oslo '05 Bringing Home the Bling

Our gals are back and Andrea comes through with beautiful pics. Pictured here flashing the bling with the Canadian Ambassador, Jillian Stirk and her husband Mr. Patrick Meehan. The Ambassador and her husband graciously hosted a celebratory dinner for the three Canadian teams, (Middaugh, C. Jones, Gushue) at the Residence.

More pics on the Team Website.

Tuesday, September 27

One more time

Our Team members strike a familiar pose on the rings. Does a fan's heart good to see pics like this. It is also a good time to point out that the last time Cathy King stepped in as 5th at the start of a season she lead our gals to victory in the Omnium spiel in Montreal. After which, the Team had an absolutely phenomonal season, and yes, contrary to old wives tales, lightning often strikes much more then twice.


Pics from Oslo

Here is Sherry in a familiar pose and now that I have seen a picture I believe that the season is truly under way. I'm sort of from Missouri in that way. Sherry seems to have gotten her fair share of all the sunshine we enjoyed this past summer and it looks good on her.


Sunday, September 25

This is also nice.

Winning isn't everything, but it sure beats coming in second. Team Middaugh starts out their new year with a huge, 8-2, victory over the Swiss team of Silvana Tirinzoni team. Capping off a 7 game winning streak against some of the best teams in the world to claim victory in the Weber Oslo Cup.

Rah Rah Middaugh.

Way to go ladies, now come home safely and lets start taking names.

Happy Webguy

An "Insider" reports

Had a nice message from our Behind The Glass roving reporter and Andrea's greatest fan, the photogenic and talented keyboardist, Judy Lawes. Judy reports that our gals had a great day on their one game day Saturday as they were treated to a tour of Oslo by 3 staffers from the Canadian Embassy.

Tonight, after the competition is over, all three Canadian teams, Middaugh, Jones and Gushue, are having dinner at the Ambassadors residence. Very posh and nice to hear about some of the good stuff our External Affairs folks do to support Canadians abroad.

Another really nice thing to hear is that Andrea had a meet-up with the driver, whose name is Soren Grahn, that her Canadian Champion 1990 (Goring) team had in Sweden during the Worlds. Nice is good.


Bene, bene, tutto bene!

Beautiful, Beautiful, (It sounds better in Italian eh!) Our gals defeat the Italian squad skipped by Diana Gaspari 8-4 and head on to the final against Switzerlands Silvana Trinizona at 4:00 Oslo time or right now here in the EST.

Fingers and toes crossed folks, this is the one for the Colour TV!


And More

Now playing in the 5th end it seems we have a very tight game in hand.

Quarter Final success!!

Our gals are on fire beating long time rival Annette Norberg by a score of 7-5. The Semi's are now in the 5th end.

Saturday, September 24

The more things change

The more they stay the same. Here is our favourite Bubble Gummer Colleen in a familiar stance. She looks lean and just a little bit pensive in this nice photo from the event website. Must be in a close game. Colleen qualified for the quarter finals tomorrow. Perhaps they will post a pic of one of our gals if they make the podium.



Our gals came through this mornings game with an 8-4 win over Kelly Wood of Scotland to win their pool and cement a spot in the playoffs which begin Sunday morning at 8:00 AM Oslo time. They are 6 hours ahead of us so for you night owls, (or early risers), the game starts at 2:00 AM EST and should be posted by breakfast time.

I see Colleen Jones will be in the playoffs as well as an Italian team. Looks like a great field and lots of good competition. Also looks to be a little too early in the season for Dordi Nordby to be at her best.

Stay tuned!!


Friday, September 23

Moving right along

Well, our gals are storming through their pool having just posted their 3rd win by defeating Manuela Kormann of Switzerland 5-3. The Teams next game is Saturday morning at 8:00 am against Kelly Wood of Great Britian who is at 2 & 1.

6 points looks like a shoe in but since this is curling we have to say that a playoff spot is a definite maybe.



Round Two

In round two our gals defeated Carmen Schafer, (Sorry but there is supposed to be an "umlau" sic, in there somewhere but my keyboard doesn't do that very well) by a score of 7-5.

I notice that the Colleen rink and friend Cassie's US squad left their games tied, unusual scoring system no doubt. If I remember correctly it is 2 points for win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss and then points for and against.

We had an old school drawmaster at High Park when I was just starting out who insisted on that system. Used to take hours to figure out how to break all the ties that you end up with at the end of round robin. This method comes from "The International Rules of Fair Play" according to Harry from High Park.

I, and judging by my email others, have been having trouble finding the schedule. It is at the bottom of the page reached from the "link" at the bottom of this post or clik on the Blue title, Round Two, at the top of this post.

Good luck and I will keep in touch.


Thursday, September 22

They're At The Post!!!

They're Off!!!

Our heroes are back and boy am I a happy blogger! It has been a beautiful summer here in TCOTU (The Centre of The Universe) and curling has been hard to concentrate on when the temp was over 30C and the lawn furniture was just crying out for somebody to come out and laze away a few (okay, a lot of) hours instead of designing a new website and blogging about the bees and mosquitos.

So, forgive me for being away since March sometime, we are back and the girls opened up their new season in Oslo with a 6-2 win over Stina Viktorsson of Sweden this morning, or their afternoon, I'm not sure which, and are in a great competitive spiel.

The Team has their Super 5th, Cathy King with them at Lead this trip as Sheri is busy with her new job at Georgian College and unable to get away so soon after the students have returned to start their Fall Semester. Cathy will also be 5th at the upcoming Trials in Halifax.

I will keep you posted and you can link to the Event website from the accompanying link or from the new look Team Website.